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Cloud Contact Modeling™ - is a robust and user-friendly Contract Modeling, Claim Management and Contract Comparison solution. Our customized payer contract calculators, pre-calculates the expected plan allowable and compares that amount to the payment processed by the payer.

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Cloud Contract Modeling ™  offers a powerful claims valuation engine so that every claim is priced according to contract terms, for specific line items or at the claim level, taking into account carve-out items such as high-cost drugs, devices, ancillaries, as well as first and second day stop loss, MS-DRG/APR-DRG, APC and ALL complicated inpatient and outpatient contract rates. Our contract modeling calculators are custom designed to meet each clients needs.(Detects not only denials but underpayments as well – hospitals that don’t utilize contract modeling software often lose a great deal of money due to underpayments).

Through Cloud Contract Modeling and our customized payer contract calculators, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Ensure that claims are paid according to contractual agreement. Calculates the plan benefit expected contractual and allowable for all payers.
  • Expected Payment vs. Actual Payment Received. Identify denials and underpayments.
  • Negotiate better contracts. Run side by side or multiple payer contract reports to analyze proposed payer contract changes vs. current contracts for payer negotiations.
  • Easy contract modeling. Enjoy the flexibility of having Revenue Masters maintain and update contract modeling for new contracts and/or newly negotiated contract rates or maintain them you with the easy to use modern interface and our contract management training.
  • Maintain historical contracts and updates. Alerts for contract expirations. 


Cloud Contract Modeling™ offers a powerful multi-payer claims valuation engine so every claim is priced according to your specific payer contract terms.
Valuation  is performed at the line item and claim level, taking into account complicated rules.

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