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Clinical Documentation Improvement Services

Jump Start Your Clinical Documentation Program!

There is no “one size fits all” playbook for a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program. Whether you are starting a new program or improving an existing one, a successful CDI program proactively supports your medical staff to minimize incomplete documentation and increase documentation quality. The benefits of a successful CDI program are enhanced patient care, improved communications, an increase in quality, and incremental revenue.

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How does your CDI program measure against best in class? Does your CDI program have short-term and long-term goals that are aligned with your facility’s mission and ICD-10 position? Have you realized the beneficial outcomes of an effective CDI program?

Our clinical documentation experts understand the challenges in obtaining complete and specific physician documentation. With passion and commitment, we work with your clinicians to reduce your compliance and fiscal risks associated with incomplete documentation practices. Our solutions are guided by official coding guidelines as well as government and regulatory requirements.

Revenue Masters Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions help you benefit from complete documentation, accurate coding, and increased reimbursement.

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Check-Up
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Education and Training
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist and Physician Coaching
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Clinical Documentation Improvement Check-up

Revenue Masters’ five phase approach evaluates your CDI foundation and operational efficiencies, short-term and long-term goals, effective and compliant physician queries and response ratio, staff competencies, CDI tools and processes, reporting metrics, and overall program success. Our summary report will provide you with steps to ensure you are receiving the most favorable results with a compliant CDI program.

Continuous performance oversight and management is needed to ensure your CDI program’s compliant foundation combined with a strategic growth plan to address the requirements of ICD-10 and documented quality of care outcomes.

Please contact us to learn more about our five phase approach to improved clinical documentation.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Education and Coaching

Clinical Documentation Improvement Education and Training: Our job isn’t finished until we educate and train your team on compliant and complete documentation practices. Our education and training are designed to help your HIM coding staff and clinicians understand and improve quality documentation and data capture while facilitating growth.

Physician Coaching: Patient care is the most important aspect in practicing medicine and is the physician’s first priority! Our coaching program does NOT turn highly skilled and educated physicians into coders, but gives them the information and tools needed to accurately and completely document the quality of patient care they provide instead.

Revenue Masters’ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Coaching Program is tailored to your healthcare organization’s needs, and our coaching services address your priorities for a successful CDI program. Our customized approach enables you to reach your goals in building an effective and compliant CDI program.

We are committed to improving your compliant and complete clinical documentation.

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